Lighted Winter Candle Holiday Centerpiece + Table Decor DIY #ACMooreInspired

So last week, I was invited to a fun Philadelphia Blogger event at the gorgeous new AC Moore in town. We were asked to come along to test out some of the new favorite holiday crafting ideas – I was BEYOND excited to have a few hours solo to get my craft on.

It’s the little things, right?!

We each created our own holiday, lighted centerpiece for the season. And I am super proud with how mine turned out that I had to share this little DIY with you on the blog! I was totally intimidated by it when I first saw what we were going to make, but it was SO EASY!

Seriously, how pretty did mine turn out? I’m currently blogging next to it as its the centerpiece of my table and I couldn’t be more pleased. I love thats its more seasonal that a holiday piece – so I can leave it out through the winter if I like.

But here’s a look at how it was made: Seriously, so easy – you can totally do this!

First up we took out the styrofoam piece inside the lantern and covered it with this green sticky moss. I had no idea it was a thing, but we cut it, took off the table and it stuck together.

Easy peasy.

We then picked out little greenery pieces that would be molded around where the candle would eventually sit. A little glue gun action and you are good to go.

I then added a bit of berries to my design as a little pop of red for the holiday season.

Again, I kept on popping in the candle back and forth to make sure there was enough room for it and that it would sit well. It’s a battery operated candle, with the switch on the bottom, so we didn’t glue that in place – but I wanted to make sure it would fit right when the time came to close it up!

Next we wrapped a ribbon around the top of the lantern and glued that in place. Didn’t need any ventilation for the candle since it wouldn’t be lit, so no worries there! Then I took a bunch of the extra greenery + berries I still hadn’t used to make a little extra pop of color and texture up top by the bow.

I cheated this bow with a few extra strips of ribbon and lots of hot glue. It was way easier and turned out much better faking the bow that trying to create a real one.

I’m definitely a fan of the bow cheat!

And the little crinkles at the end, thanks to the wire in this bow!

So there you have it! Super proud with how this turned out, it makes me happy every time I look at it on my table. And for me it totally made me feel like I could definitely get my craft on a bit more this holiday season {and in general!}

This day totally inspired me to buy a glue gun! Ha!

But that’s not the only thing we crafted, I will be sharing another thing or two in another post next week, so be on the lookout for that!

And I’d love to hear how you get your craft on during the holiday season! What’s something special you love to make or create – with or without the kids! 

Thanks to my friends at AC Moore for a fun morning out!

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  • Reply Patty December 5, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Your centerpiece is lovely – so proud of you!

  • Reply Sue Pellegrino December 5, 2017 at 7:08 am

    This is so cute! And can definitely leave out until Valentine’s Day! Hehe.

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