Traveling with Two Kids {as the Solo Parent!} to Walt Disney World – Sharing Our Flights and Room Sharing Experience

So a little over a week ago I travelled to Walt Disney World with the kids.

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you are well aware – Ha! #allthephotos

Clearly I needed a bit of a pause after our travels – it’s taken me about a week to get all caught up now that we are back home, but I’m finally ready to blog about it and share our trip with you!

It was a bit of a last minute trip, a little treat to start out the new year with the kids. I went with my friend Kelly and her son, Noah. The two of us travelled with the three kids from cold, snowy Philadelphia down to Walt Disney World.

The House of Mouse! 

It was slightly ambitious to get our Disney on {without the husbands} because Disney can be a bit of a beast, but you know I love a challenge! And when the opportunity comes to take the kids to Disney, you take the kids to Disney!

So I packed all the things, prepped as much as I could and got the kiddos on the plane! I think when getting on a airplane with kids, the hardest part is checking in! Getting the kids, strollers, luggage in the airport, especially when its freezing outside, not to mention 5:00am – its not the easiest thing. But once the luggage is sent to the plane, its just the kids, our carry-on backpacks and the stroller {which we checked at the gate!} A little more easier to manage.

We ended up getting crazy flights – 6:00am on the way there and 8:00pm on the way home. It was slightly nuts in the moment because we had to get up so early on the way there {and so late on the way home!}- but everyone was so excited it was fine! We got through security, picked up some more snacks and made our way on the plane.

My savior this trip: The Kids Kindle Fire! It’s our go-to tablet. The boys got new ones for Christmas, along with these fun cases + headphones {I highly recommend!} and we had fun tablet time on the plane. And this mama got a few moments of silence. Win.

Brooks turns 4 this month and he’s tablet obsessed. He pretty much would do it all day, every day if I let him, which is why when we are at home, it’s pretty regulated, but not on travel days! So he was super happy to zone out, play his apps and chill for the flight. Graham is a bit of a different story. He plays on the kindle on occasion – sometimes for a while, usually not for very long. He would rather explore and be on the move, which is slightly challenging on a airplane. We made some laps up and down the aisle and then eventually it was time to land.

Thankfully with all.the.snacks some previously downloaded movies we survived the flight. And because the flight got us in so early, we were pumped to have the whole day to spend in the Happiest Place on Earth.

When we were brainstorming our 2018 getaway, Kelly and I wanted to go somewhere warm with a quick flight and somewhere that we wouldn’t have to bring carseats! For me, that would have KILLED ME. Trying to get the two kids and their stuff along with the stroller was bad enough. Throw in 2 massive carseats, forget it. I’m not going.

Disney checked off all the boxes for us because we were able to take the Magical Express transportation from the airport to our hotel {and back on our last day} not having to worry about carseats. And obviously all the Disney transportation – boat, buses and monorails – made it easy to get everywhere we wanted to go without having to rent a car! Win.

Side Note: Monorails were the BEST because I didn’t have to fold up my stroller, which is super annoying when traveling with two kids solo. Whenever we rode the monorail, we just strolled right on in! Win!

travel backpacks / rose gold Minnie ears

Our rooming situation was also important to us too because we wanted everyone to be comfortable. My boys usually have a bedtime around 7:00pm but I knew with all of us being in the same room after a busy day in Walt Disney World, this would never stick. But we planned to fill our days with lots of fun, nap on the go and then cross our fingers everyone slept well at night.

Our room had two queen beds with a small sofa that converted into a pull out couch that was the perfect size for Graham. Brooks and I each took the two beds and it was really the perfect set up. The only problem was that Graham rolled off both beds each night we were there! He’s used to tossing and turning in the safety of his crib and went flying off the bed – which was a little scary. Other than that we did bedtime, watched fireworks from our rooms and then everyone got tucked in, including this mama. I chilled in bed with my laptop, headphones and caught up on some Netflix while the littles slept. It was pretty epic.

Most nights ended with one or both boys in bed with me, and of course no one slept in at.all. so we were up bright and early ready to go each day, but thats pretty Disney for ya, right?

Our flight home was at 8:00 pm – WAYYYYY past the kids bedtime. But we figured we would have an extra full day in Disney with this flight time and the kids would fall asleep on the way home. BUT obviously that didn’t happen. Graham fell asleep in my arms about 45 minutes from landing and Brooks passed out as we were landing on the runway. It was nuts he could sleep through that – but they were so wiped and eventually gave in to the sleep.

The only problem then was I was stuck in my seat with two sleeping littles on me. Thankfully we had someone to help us set up the stroller after the plane emptied out – so I was able to take Graham asleep, put him in the stroller outside the plane and then I went back for Brooks. Only problem was it was FREEZING in Philadelphia at 10:00 at night and I wasn’t able to bundle them up before they fell asleep. But I covered them in everything I had to keep them warm and it was a pretty smooth transfer.

All in all we had a really great time. Traveling as the solo parents with two kids was slightly stressful at times, but totally do-able. It was so much more fun {and manageable!} traveling with a fellow mama. Having someone to travel with is always fun, but when you have kids, its the most amazing thing in the world to be able to sneak away for 5 seconds to use the bathroom  and not have to bring all the kids and all the stuff with you all the time.

We had an awesome time, the kids had a blast and I loved it too. I learned a lot about travels with kids at these ages and I think it was a great experience for the kids to go on with me as well. I can’t wait to share the rest of our Disney trip with you! Let me know if you have any other questions about our travels, I’d be happy to share more!


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  • Reply Emily January 16, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Where did you stay?
    How was the ride situation and waiting in line with little kids?
    Did you do a Disney Park everyday you were there?
    Did you do the Disney meal plan?

  • Reply Patty January 17, 2018 at 7:16 am

    All I can say lady is that you are a brave soul, taking on Disney with two littles yourself! If anyone can do it, it’s you!

  • Reply Elsie January 22, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Thanks for the info! I would love to hear more about your trip. Also, would you recommend Disney World for a 2 yr old? Would you wait? Or go again?

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