The Addy Poncho – One Top, Three Ways

I am so glad everyone is loving my Great Wolf Lodge water park video! It was so much fun to make and the boys had an absolute blast there! If you are looking to check out an indoor water park this winter, check out my video + post and let me know if you have any questions – I’m here to help!

But today I’m here to shout from the rooftops my love for this gorgeous, versatile top – the Addy Poncho!

// Sullivan Necklace – 4 in 1

// Addy Poncho!

You know I am CONSTANTLY on the lookout for fun, functional + chic pieces to add to my collection. More and more I am reaching for neutrals, especially muted ones – they just seem to work the best for my lifestyle with being able to dress up, dress down or just wear on the go.

And more recently I’ve been reaching for black. It’s never been a color I would usually wear much of, but these days it’s my go to. Maybe its the season and I’m in denial of a bit of seasonal depression! Or maybe its just that black hides stains my little boys manage to cover me in all day! Either way, it works.

And this top seriously works because it can be worn multiple ways!

Oversized + off the shoulder, as a boat neck {not shown} or as a cardigan!!!!!!


// Turquoise Earrings – you NEED these!

 // Floral Tank {similar} / raw hem denim / booties {on sale!}

Seriously, how stinkin’ cute is this top?

I LOVE it as a cardigan because its got a fun pop of interest in the back {see the below photo} which I loved wearing with a fun print, so you can see it from the back too!

The color is also amazing because its black, but its sort of a washed black/grey, so its not as sharp of a color, you can easily wear it casually with prints, which I did, and which I love.

And you know how much I love my florals + prints so this is such an great way to be able to showcase them through the back of the cardigan, even when its still a little chilly in Philly.

But I love this top so much just worn as a poncho. I knew it was going to be oversized, but I purchased this in an XL because I wanted some additional length in the front, plus I just love how cozy it is! And I think its the cutest off the shoulder with a fun little bralette popping through!

Because mine is oversized, I plan to wear it most of the time off the shoulder, it’s just the vibe I was going for – but if you get your regular size, you can wear it straight and its the sweetest little boat neck top {which is the third way to wear it!}. Also, in you’re regular size, when worn as a cardigan, its not as long and big in the back – you get a little more of a polished look!

For me, I wanted the extra length + cozy feel! But you can totally make it work for you by going up or down in sizing!

I’m a huge fan, as you can probably tell. I’ve only had this piece for a few weeks but I’ve already been reaching for it over and over again. It’s a great piece to have especially as the seasons transition. How cute will this be in the Fall with boots and a cozy scarf? I can already see myself wearing it apple picking! Ha! <- thats when you know you found a piece you love!

So now I’d love to hear what you think? Do you believe the Addy Poncho is as awesome as I do?

Do you have a versatile piece in your closet you love to wear over and over again?

Please share!




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  • Reply Patty February 20, 2018 at 9:55 am

    The poncho is very cute – Love the versatility of this one!

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