All About My 10 Day Detox {With My Little Dog Too}

This post was sponsored by Supreme Source® as part of an Ambassador Porgram for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Even though its now March, it still feels like the beginning of the New Year with lots of time to make lifestyle + health changes before its time to hit the beach. I took the beginning of 2018 to have a little fun {hello – Disney trip!} and but since then I’ve been focusing on my diet + health more than ever. Before then its been a rough 6 months – Brooks and Graham have gone from sleeping perfectly to having major sleep issues that we just can’t crack – and to add to our crazy sleep drama, we took away Graham’s pacifier last week, because no one was sleeping anyway – so why not? Seemed like as good of time as any.

Along with the sleep issues, I’ve been feeling like I needed a bit of a change. Not sleeping had me not working out, not eating right and I was starting to feel all that catch up with me. As each year goes by I find it a bit harder to maintain my ideal weight, without a little extra work. And extra work in the working out and eating right department can be tough when you are home all day with two kids – it just is! But it’s true that you have to work it to make it work – which for me means clean eating + working out. Sometimes you just have to find the time and go for it.

I have been back in the gym more than ever and have been experimenting with the Keto diet to give my body a little jump-start. It feels so good to make some time and effort for a little self-care – and a little goes a long way for sure.

I will be sure to keep you posted on my progress and my Keto experience, we have some fun trips coming up in the next few months, so I’m totally inspired to get back into beach body shape! Stay tuned for my updates!

While I’m in the process of a little spring cleaning for my diet, I’ve been keeping Brooks, Graham + my husband eating right too, but  it’s so important to remember my fur-baby! I’m pretty picky about the food I put into my body, but I have to say, I don’t always think about Jackson’s diet at the same time, and I totally should, because he deserves the best!

So how cool is it that I decided to have a little fun with my first little man, Jackson – we I have been doing a 10-Day cleanse together – going along with my new diet + exercise regime, I’ve cut out sugar and carbs to give my body a little reboot and Jackson has been enjoying some fresh new food – which is premium grain-free (no corn, no wheat, no soy) with no artificial flavors or colors and it’s packed with healthy enzymes & prebiotics to rejuvenate him inside and out! It’s a healthy blend of fruits and veggies, which are natural sources of potassium, fiber, vitamins and minerals – perfect for my little dog too!

Jackson has been loving the switch so far – we are a few days in, and he’s been easing into his program with a little bit of the Supreme Source® into his meals each day. It’s a great way to keep it easy on his stomach + digestion, but I can already see him enjoying his new food so much every day. As a little treat for both of us, we’ve been enjoying extra time at the park and taking longer walks – its good for both of us!

I’ve loved partnering with Supreme Source Pet Food because they’ve been an amazing reminder to tidy up the toxins that may have snuck in our diets and overstayed their welcome. Jackson is loving his new eats, filled with healthy ingredients and the website has tons of informational tools which made it easy to switch his food to something more nutritious! Whenever I try a new kind of food for Jackson, its sort of a gamble because I don’t know if he will really like it, but this made is so easy. I can’t wait to keep you updated on his progress!

If you are a pet owner {its for cat’s too!} you totally need to check out Supreme Source Pet Food and join Jackson + I with our detox this spring! I picked mine up at Albertson’s, and it’s the perfect way to improve your pet’s mind, body and soul in just 10 days – Start now and visit for a free bag of Supreme Source® pet food (up to $9.99 value, while supplies last) and to sign up for daily emails with tips and instructions to a better relationship with your pet.



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