Things to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Two Kids {4 and Under!}

We’ve been lucky enough to have a few visits to Disney over the past year – this was our THIRD trip to “Mickey’s House” this year! Woah!

Here’s a look back at a few our previous visits:

A Day at Walt Disney World’s Epcot with Two Kids A Day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom / Magic Kingdom with the Kids


So here’s the deal – over Mother’s Day week my friend and I {along with her son} went down to her parents house in Sarasota, Florida to spend the week. Since that’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from Disney – whenever we go there, we like to spend a day or two at the parks. When we were there in January we hit up Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot – for this trip, we decided to hit up Hollywood Studios.

// dress / shoes / rose gold ears /

// boys shirts / boys shoes

At first I was a little skeptical about Hollywood Studios – I wasn’t convinced that there was enough things to keep them entertained for a whole DAY! We didn’t want to spend the extra money for a Park Hopper {or waste time going from park to park} and wanted to commit to a park for a whole day, or a long as the littles would last.

My boys LOVE the rides at all the other parks and I knew going into Hollywood Studios, there wouldn’t be many {or any!} rides for the, but I wanted to change it up and try out a new park – and I’m so glad we did!

Here’s a breakdown of our day and all the things we did at Hollywood Studios:

First up, we made our way over to the Animation Courtyard as we had a Fast Pass for the morning. We were able to meet a few of our Disney Junior Pals because there were pretty much no lines.

Graham was obsessed with meeting Jake from the Neverland Pirates and I got some cute pictures of them together.

So sweet.

We then made our way across the Courtyard to see Voyage of the Little Mermaid – which was one of the best shows we got to see all day! It was Live and interactive, not to mention a throwback to my favorite childhood show! Ursula was slightly terrifying, but the boys didn’t seem to mind – they have also never seen the show, so they didn’t quite know what was going on. I’m going to have to change that.

We need a Little Mermaid movie night ASAP. 

Next up we hit up Star Wars Launch Bay because it was right next door – here you can meet a BUNCH of Star Wars characters, pretty much everyone. BB8 had the longest wait time, but we did manage to have a meet & greet with Chewbacca!

I have to say, I thought they boys would be slightly terrified – even though they totally know who Chewie is & Graham has a stuffed animal of him he sleeps with – this dude was LARGE. But Brooks and Graham were into him and not scared at all – G slightly more into him than B.

I was proud they enjoyed it so much!

Next up, we had a Fast Pass to see Disney Junior LIVE! I was pumped about this for the boys, because they really enjoy some of the Disney Junior characters – but this show was super lame for me. Everyone had to sit on the floor and very small puppet characters came on stage to sing and dance. Since we had just did a meet and greet with the live characters outside, I assumed they would do the performing – but not the case. The small puppets weren’t very engaging for the kids – in my opinion – and it was a huge space and stage for some large characters to get in there!

The show itself was cute, I think there was room for improvement on it though!

After that we made our way over to check out some more of the Star Wars scene.

Side Note: I have a photo of my husband + myself on this very same Star Wars Speeder Bike – I need to find that picture and make a cute collage! 

The boys got their first look at Darth Vader + Kylo Ren as we watched the Jedi Training – next time I will TOTALLY sign them up ahead of time. This was so cute to watch.


We took a break for lunch + I was able to try a beer sampler at Baseline – lots of local and interesting brews to choose from. Right in the Star Wars area and a great spot to cool off from the heat.


Then Brooks and I made our way to use our next Fast Pass – Star Tours! An amazing and classic ride, which they have updated a bit, so much fun to be on, Brooks LOVED it and doesn’t stop talking about how awesome it was!

Side Note: While B and I did this, Graham saw Muppet Vision 3-D and had a great time.

On the way off the ride, obviously you are dropped into the best Star Wars merchandise store of all time ever. Brooks played with the ‘Make Your Own Driods’ for a while – such a cute idea.

His special treat for the day he picked out was ‘Make Your Own Light Saber’ – He personalized it to the max and it’s a really cool toy. Something I’m sure he will keep forever.

They even made him take a Jedi pledge {and I had them add in it that he can’t hit his brother with it} – worked like a charm! #DisneyMagic

Have you had enough Star Wars yet? We haven’t!

We then made our way over to the “A Galaxy Far, Far Away‘ show on the main stage. It was AMAZING and is on every hour.

We got to see all our favorites in a really cool show. They have done an amazing job with adding in all the Star Wars fun to the Disney Magic – its a great throwback with the old and the new.

After the show was the March of the First Order – a parade down Main Street.

Storm Troopers as far as the eye can see – magic for this little 4 year old.

Then it was threatening rain, so we made our way over to the Toy Story area to get out of the rain and see some more of our favorites – Buzz and Woody! 

We waited a bit to see them, but the boys entertained themselves and we stayed out of the rain. Plus it was more pure Disney Magic when they got to meet their two favorites.

Toy Story is the BEST.

And for even MORE Disney Magic – after meeting them we were able to ride Toy Story Mania THREE TIMES IN A ROW. I had been trying to get a Fast Pass for this ride for weeks, but day of there was nothing. With the rain I guess people got scared away and we were able to get Fast Pass after Fast Pass after Fast Pass.

It was a nice treat because the boys wanted to get in some rides and this is one of the only ones the littles can go on all together.

The boys were in HEAVEN and I was too.

The ride is fun, we got to sit down and we were out of the rain – win, Win, WIN!

After that we made our way over to see a Frozen Sing-Along – which was SUPER LAME. Basically it just showed the songs in the movie on a big screen and at the end for one minute the characters came out and it snowed. The characters should have been out the whole time, sort of a bummer but it was nice to sit down and get into the A/C. 

Other shows which I had seen before that were on my list were: Beauty and the Beast LIVE on Stage, Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular {which I know the boys would have LOVED} but we ran out of time. I also would have liked to take Brooks on the Tower of Terror – Because you ONLY have to be 40 INCHES TALL to go on it – but the lines were too long.

Next time.

We had a FULL DAY at Hollywood Studios with the kids and had a BLAST. Initially we planned on staying to see the fireworks – because Fantasmic! is incredible and I was dying to see the new Star Wars Light Show too – but figured it was better to get the kids home, spend a few hours in the pool at the hotel and quit while we were ahead. It worked out for the best and everyone enjoyed a relaxing + fun pool night!

Side Note: If you go to Disney make sure you get the popcorn bucket. $10 for the first one and only $1 to refill after that – we took FULL advantage of this.

And now its a sand bucket for the summer!

Hollywood Studios, you were so much fun and a great place to spend the day with two small kids {who are Stars Wars + Toy Story Obsessed!} I can’t wait to come back soon and see the new Toy Story Land + Stars Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

Be back SOON!

What’s your favorite Disney Park + thing to do there?

Please share! 


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