30+ Rides at Hersheypark {in ONE day} with Young Kids {a 4 and 2 year old!}

Earlier this summer, my family took off to Hershey for an epic weekend away! As a part of the Sweetest Moms for the year, it was an absolute blessing to be able to treat the whole family to a three day adventure of chocolate covered-fun!

Check out my post + review of our stay at the wonderful Hotel Hershey.

Spoiler Alert: the Hotel Hershey is bomb. 

When you stay at a Hersheypark hotel – Hershey Lodge, the Hotel Hershey or Hersheypark Camping Resort – and you have tickets to Hersheypark you get in the night before as part of the “Preview” for a few hours before closing for free, which is an amazing perk. You also get into Hersheypark ONE HOUR before the park opens which is an incredible bonus. We took complete advantage of this as part of our Hersheypark day, including a free shuttle from the hotel right to the park!

The park normally opens at 10am but we were able to get right in at 9am and had the park {almost!} to ourselves. Here’s a look at the 30+ rides we were able to do in a day at the park, with two kids {Graham is almost 3 and Brooks is 4.5}

I wanted to put together what I shared on the day we were there in my IG stories up on the blog, so you can see just how many amazing rides the kiddos get to experience! Long post coming your way, but check out all the fun we had!

#1 – First up was the Reese’s Extreme Cup Challenge – this was our first time on this ride { no line! thank you early access!} and the boys LOVED IT! They wanted to ride it again, but we tried to take advantage of hitting up a few more new rides before the park opened!

#2 – Next up, an old favorite, the Lady Bug. 

#3 – The Cocoa Cruiser was Graham’s first time on a roller coaster, I think he got up on his tippy toes a little to get on it, but he LOVED it! This was a cool moment because it was Brooks’ first roller coaster ever too.

#4 – Cocoa Cruiser again, because the boys love it.

Also note the time stamp – 4 rides in 20 minutes, not too shabby!

Reese Guy‘ is Graham’s favorite – so it was nice to find him along our way to take a picture!

#5 – Tea Cups!

#6 – Sweet Swing – this is always a really fun ride the kids have a blast on!

#7 – Dizzy Drums – This is Brooks’ most requested Hersheypark ride!

Graham is just making it to the Hershey’s Kisses rides, by a few hairs on his head! But he’s been loving being able to ride on so many new rides, he’s my adventurous one and would go on anything + everything if he was big enough!

#8 – Mini Pirate

Ok, I’m so happy I timestamped my IG stories when I was there at the park that day because it was so cool to be able to look back and see all we were able to do in the first hour, when the park was not even open yet!

Such an awesome + stress-free way to start the day!

Bonus Ride #1 – The hubs wanted to check out a few of the big rollercoasters, first he hit up Fahrenheit!

#9 – Pony Parade

#10 – Granny Bugs

#11 – Ferris Wheel – we only just started riding this during each visit and its such an amazing way to see the park, but it’s also a great way to take a break and sit for a few minutes!

A nice breeze and blue skies are a beautiful bonus!

Bonus #2 – Lightning Racer  – the hubs jumped on that while the boys rode…

#12 – Tiny Tracks – everyone loves a good train ride!

#13 – Musical Express – this was Brooks’ first time on this quick + twirly ride. He loved it so much…

#14 – Musical Express {again}

#15 – The Whip – pretty grateful that the hubs likes going on these rides with the kids, because they are NOT for me! Ha!

So Graham wasn’t able to go on the last few rides, not tall enough, so it was his turn to pick our next place to go – he picked The Boardwalk! If you haven’t seen my video of our fun with all the water activities for younger kids, check that out here!

I didn’t snap many pictures of our time at the Boardwalk this time, because water + iPhone = no bueno, but the video above is our go to favorites each time!

Side Note: Thanks to my friends at Pepsi for treating me to a refillable cup! It was so nice to have on a hot day, we were able to fill it up constantly – I LOVED that I was able to get my favorites {Diet Doctor Pepper + Sparkling Water!}

Time for more rides!

#16 – The Howler – I was totally surprised Brooks was big enough to go on this ride, because it’s intense, but he was and he loved it!

#17 – The Convoy

#18 – Frog Hopper – Apparently I can’t keep track of all the rides, ignore the #17 because as we can see it’s #18!

Bonus #3 – ZooAmerica break to touch an American Alligator!

Side Note: With your Hersheypark ticket you get access to ZooAmerica as well! It’s a great way to pause from the rides and see some amazing animals!

After 18 RIDES + time in the waterpark, both boys crashed at the same time in a single stroller while being pushed up a hill. Ha. We let them rest and mom + dad enjoyed a quiet beer together in the shade!


Bonus #4 – Great Bear – Charles got on another roller coaster while the boys woke up from their naps!

#19 – Coal Cracker – This was a first time on this ride for all of us and it was perfect for the boys, a little thrill with a fun drop + splash. Loved it.

#20 – Loved it so much we rode it again!

#21 – Trailblazer – a PERFECT roller coaster for the kids!

#22 – I think they liked it!

#23 – They LOVED it!

Bonus #5 – Stormrunner!

Crossing off the rides as we go!


Side Note: These are my go-to theme/water park sandals. Perfect for the water + so comfortable to walk around in all day long! Love.

Bonus #6 – Sidewinder!

#24 – Frontier Flyers – This is one of those rides I wish I didn’t have to ride with the boys, but one of the few that a parent/adult has to join in on. The boys loved it, so I guess that’s worth it!

Bonus #7 – Time for a game! {Graham won a snake! Ha!}

#25 – Mini Scrambler – so cute to see them on this mini version!

#26 – Reese’s Extreme Cup Challenge – another repeat, but a fan favorite!

#27 – Scrambler!

#28 – Tilt a Whirl

#29 – Helicopters 

#30 – Space Age

So that’s a wrap! We got to the park at 9am and left at 7:30pm – we had a full day of 30 rides, 7 bonus roller coasters + activities, a visit to the Boardwalk plus Zoo America! I don’t know how we squeezed all that into one day, but we did it!

Since we frequent Hersheypark fairly regularly, I wanted to put this post together to really show HOW MUCH there is to do with kids that are younger! My boys are almost 3 and 4.5 and they were both able to ride + experience SO MUCH! It’s one of the main reasons why I LOVE Hersheypark so much!

Thanks so much for an amazing trip, we can’t wait to come back again soon!

And for anyone reading this, if you have any questions about Hersheypark or Hershey, PA – please shoot me a message! Or follow along on my Instagram where I have highlighted all my Hersheypark adventures in my stories!

Thanks for reading this looooong post! I hope it helped you with any future Hershey, PA plans you have coming up! It truly is the sweetest place on earth!


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