Kids Currently Loving: TOMY Bath Toys, John Deere Monster Treads Tractor + NEW Tomy Toomies REVIEW

It’s been a crazy whirlwind summer, that’s for sure! We’ve been ALLLLLL over the place, and we’ve still got a few super fun days planned before back to school! During our travels this summer, the boys have been lucky enough to have been treated to a few new toys – all by TOMY – for review! I’m always sharing my favorite things, so I thought it would be fun to check in the the boys to see what they are currently loving. Graham is almost 3 and Brooks is 4.5 – Check out what we got and let us know what you think!

First up is this adorable Toomies Pirate Bath Ship {available at Target!} I have to say that whenever I’m shopping for a gift for a young one, I usually get a fun new bath toy. If your a mom, you probably will agree that any new bath toy entertainment is always a good idea!

With this pirate ship, Pirate Pete can climb the mast for a bird’s-eye view over the bubbles. His playful Octopus is ready to give a quick squirt to any unwelcome visitors. For a more masterly blast of water, Pirate Pete merely needs to activate his big green cannon at the helm of the ship. And if all else fails for our loveable Pirate, he can climb into the getaway dingy and launch himself into that wet and bubbly ocean. Man overboard! Pirate Bath Ship is great bathtime fun! No batteries required.

My boys could spend HOURS in the tub each day – so when were received Pirate Pete in the mail, they had so much fun at bath time that night, and pretty much every night since.

And even though its one bath toy – it comes with 3 separate pieces, so my boys were happily able to play together!


This tractor is super cool for lots of reasons –  This classic Monster Treads tractor with cart features lights, sounds, oversized tires, and a removable grain cart! Perfect for the sandobox or indoor play! It is a Modern style tractor with a working front loader. My boys LOVE the extra-large tires and wheels, along with the wagon that hitches to the tractor.

When we received this the boys had a blast playing with it in our backyard. They would add rocks, leaves and other toys to the back of the wagon and cart it all around. We took it to a sandbox and even to the beach with us – but we did have to keep it away from water, since it does make super cool sounds!

It’s another single toy, with multiple pieces {the wagon and the tractor} so the two pieces made it a little easier for my two young boys to share. It’s just a really cool toy that’s probably every little boys dream.

And finally – a TRIO of toys from the new TOMY Toomies collection:Toomies Pop & HatchToomies Flappee Stackees / Toomies Sort & Pop Spinning UFO Toy {all available at Target}

Basically it was like Christmas in August for my two little boys.

They weren’t complaining.

First up from the trio is the Toomies Flappee Stackees – Graham LOVED this toy because he loves to stack things up and down all day long! With this toy you are able to mix, match, stack, build and animate – It comes with five unique animal pieces, plus a push & go safari car.

Flappee Stackees comes alive as your child builds and stacks them. Press down on the head to see the tail, trunk, arms and wings move. Graham loved stacking them up super tall and then pushing the car for it all to come crashing down. 

Every toddlers favorite thing!

Next up is the Toomies Pop & Hatch

Pop & Hatch is one quirky hen! Push mommy’s head down and watch as she runs along with her egg in the buggy. Then whoops! Her egg falls out and hatches into an adorable little baby chick! Your little one will have hours of fun chasing around Pop & Hatch and watching her egg hatch.

Pop & Hatch is a child-powered toy, so no need for batteries.

The boys loved sending this back and forth to each other! So fun to watch – and the randomness of when the egg will pop out makes it a cute little game to play too!

And finally the Toomies Sort & Pop Spinning UFO Toy

This toy was both boys favorite – Sort & Pop UFO is an alien that’s fun for all. It is a perfect preschool/toddler activity that’s great for finding a home for each shape – either by learning to match the bright, bold colors, or by trying to match the different shapes to their colorful homes.

And the best part – by pressing down on the friendly-faced UFO will set it spinning like a top. As it goes whirling round, the toys will come popping out!  Then its times to start sorting all over again. The chunky pieces and spinning top all have safe, rounded edges, perfectly designed for little hands to hold. Handling and sorting the toys will encourage logical thinking, and promote hand-to-eye coordination and muscle development.

We love all the TOMY toys so much! They boys are so excited about their new toys and love to play with them each day! Thank you so much to our friends at TOMY for sending them to us!

Please let me know if you have any other questions about any of the toys, we are happy to answer them!

Thanks again!

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