Holiday Family Photos + Getting Kids to Look at the Camera with Rose Bulger Photography – Art Museum Area, Philadelphia

Two weekends ago my little family set out to meet up with Rose of Rose Bulger Photography to have some photos taken for the holiday season. It all sort of came together last minute – as Rose + my upcoming schedules were both a little crazy – so on Saturday night we made the executive decision to take the photos on Sunday morning.

Time to go into outfit panic mode.

Luckily, I had already started picking up some holiday outfits for the boys randomly the week prior.

Thank goodness for early holiday shopping.

Outfit Details: Dress / Jacket / Scarf {reversible + on sale!} / OTK Boots { on sale!} / Earrings {on sale!}

Boys: Long Sleeve / Vest / Shoes  {on SALE!}

We were all having a green moment for this holiday/Fall photo shoot – and I 100% didn’t mind because I feel like it really worked with all the greenery in the background.

And aside from the foliage working out so great in the pictures coordinating with our color scheme perfectly, the temperature was also great too. A tad bit chilly, but not bad for the season at all! Any later in the month and the boys would not have been comfortable without their jackets, another win!

So as you can see, we decided to do our pictures around the Art Museum/Kelly Drive area of the city. It’s actually where we got engaged, had our engagement photos taken and its in the area where we live – so these photos in this area will always have a special place in my heart.

I’m glad we got to take these photos here together because it will likely be our last Fall season here – as we are hoping to move in the Spring!

Aside from all that – I’m am so happy with how the day turned out, along with how our outfits coordinated too – but OH MAN – it is SO HARD to get two little boys to 1) smile 2) look and 3) smile WHILE looking at the camera.

It’s basically the most hard thing EVER in the entire world!

Brooks is at the age where he can be coerced into it a bit more {for some candy bribery #sorryimnotsorry } but Graham was just not having it AT ALL.


We got a few good ones, and a few more that I will just keep to myself to laugh about because let’s be real – getting kids to cooperate for photo taking is ROUGH. But as a photo lovin’ mama I say its got to be done, because I know I will want to look back on these memories when my littles aren’t so little anymore.

That being said, a HUGE Thank You to Rose of Rose Bulger Photography for taking the time and being so patient with us and the littles AND my little dog too {Jackson made a few appearances in the photos, if you could see!}

For all my readers in the Philadelphia / PA / NJ area – if you are looking to get some holiday/seasonal/family/whatever photos done, she’s awesome to work with!

And now I’m looking for some TIPS!

What do you do to get your kids to look/smile/pay attention to the camera?

Please enlighten me!!

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  • Reply Patty November 13, 2018 at 7:05 am

    Beautiful family and beautiful photos by Rose!

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