A Day at Toy Story Land – Toy Story Mania, Alien Swirling Saucers + {almost} Slinky Dog Dash

Ok, now for the Grand Finale of our Disney extravaganza – Toy Story Land!

We started off our trip Around the World Showcase Epcot followed by a morning in Animal Kingdom {and Pandora!} all of which was amazing, but I was here to check out the brand spankin’ new Toy Story Land.

Because, let’s be honest – Buzz and Woody are THE BEST. 

Toy Story Land just opened a few months ago, so that makes it bright, shiny and new to the Hollywood Studios park in Disney World. That also made it the perfect ending to our Disney trip. I was SO EXCITED to get there – and apparently so was everyone else, because it was filled with people!

But that’s cool because I enjoy being among my fellow Toy Story lovin’ friends.

First up – Toy Story Mania!

This ride isn’t new to this park, but they did re-work the main entrance into the ride – so now you can only get on it inside Toy Story Land, which makes sense as it’s a Toy Story Ride! Along with the new entrance there is lots more decor from Andy’s Room – in true Disney fashion, it’s wonderfully done.

Thankfully I was able to score Fast Passes for this ride, so we were able to walk right on and blast our way through this 4D carnival themed arcade ride.

Toy Story Mania is always a family favorite. Highly recommend.

Next up – Alien Swirling Saucers! This is one of the two new rides inside Toy Story Land – and I couldn’t believe it when a magical Fast Pass came my way! The ride for this one was LOOOOONG – but we were able to walk right on {#bless!} and it was SO.MUCH.FUN. My mom and I were giggling and laughing the whole time.

And I have to say, I’m not a fan of things that twirl around and around {makes me sick} but this was so well done that you don’t feel that sense of motion sickness.

Check out my IG Highlights to join my mom and I on this ride to see for yourself!

Love these little aliens.

I wasn’t able to ride Slinky Dog Dash, sadly. The wait was too long and at this point in the day, I didn’t have it in me to stand in line. But it looked amazing and it’s cool because it just gives me another reason {even though I don’t need one!} to come back – it will be fun to ride it for the first time with the boys!

It was amazing to finally be able to walk around Toy Story Land – I feel like we had been waiting forever for it to open, but it was totally worth the wait. Beautiful, playful, fun – everything you’d expect Toy Story Land to be.

Bonus: Got to hang out with Buzz, all decked out for Christmas.

And we got to see some of the other fun Holiday decor!

Side Note: Check out my amazing popcorn bucket holiday alien – totally got this, ate all the popcorn and brought it home as a little popcorn/cookie jar for the kids this holiday season.

They love it and I do too!

After spending ALL our time in Toy Story Land – we walked around the rest of Hollywood Studios and spent some time in the Star Wars section – because I’ve got two little Jedi lovin’ boys at home. We were able to catch the March of the First Order on our way out.

Storm Troopers are the best, wouldn’t you agree?

 Thanks so much to the amazing folks at Disney for having us! As you can see, we had a blast and I’m already excited for our next visit to the most magical place on earth! Next time, the kids get to come, but as you can see – you don’t need to have kids with you to have an absolute blast in Walt Disney World!

My mom and I enjoyed two, quick, magical and amazing days in Disney. The perfect little treat for my us to enjoy a few days away together, Disney side – but our Florida fun wasn’t over yet.

Stay tuned to see where we headed next!

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  • Reply Patty December 8, 2018 at 6:22 am

    I’m ready to go back and wait in line for Slinky Dog – great recap to a fabulous day!

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