5 Tips For Float Tank Beginners + My First Float Therapy Experience

Yesterday I got to enjoy a very fun morning as I treated my mom to a birthday FLOAT!

Yes, my mom and I went floating for the first time {for both of us!} and it was all sorts of awesome!

We set off in the morning and made our way over to Marlton, NJ to visit Float SNJ – a Flotation Therapy Center for Floating/Sensory Deprivation. You see, my mom is basically superwoman, she never stops moving. So this was my way to treat her to a morning where she was forced to relax. And I got to join in on the fun too, so everyone wins!

I’ve done a bit of research on all the benefits of a Float Tank and there are so many reasons why it’s something everyone should try! Floating helps with Blood Sugar Balance, Circulation, Blood Pressure, Calm the Nervous System, Muscle + Joint Pain, Sleep Patterns, Bone Density and so much more.

Floating in Epsom salts relieves pain and facilitates states of deep relaxation in which cortisol levels are reduced, epinephrine & adrenaline exit the blood stream, and the Mind/Body system is allowed to fully relax and decompress.

Check out more information on the benefits of Floating here.

Alright – let’s go soak up 1,000 pounds of Epson Salt – {that’s 10x saltier than the ocean!}

So here’s what happens -> You get to the Float Therapy Center, check in and make your way to your room.

Inside you room there is a changing area, shower and the Floating Room. I was most excited about Float SNJ because the Float area was way more open than other pods I had seen. With a sliding door like a shower and a massive floating pool, I knew I wouldn’t have any issues with claustrophobia.

Here’s the shower area + a look into the Float Pool.

Aren’t you feeling more calm and relaxed just looking at this?!

Next to the shower in the room there is everything all set up for you.

Tip 1 – 100% wear the earplugs! You don’t want all that salt getting in your ears!

Tip 2 – If you have any open cuts, be sure to put some petroleum jelly on it, which is provided, so again – all the salt doesn’t sting it!

Tip 3 – Shower and wash yourself off BEFORE getting into the Float {this is a required step} BUT be sure to DRY YOUR FACE! If your face isn’t wet, when you get into the pool, you won’t want to touch it. And you REALLY don’t want to touch your face because you will get ALL.THE.SALT on it. No Bueno!

Tip 4 – Go Nude.

You have the whole room to yourself, so it’s suggested you go into the float naked. I brought a swimsuit with me, but it’s better to enjoy the weightlessness without clothes to maximize the feeling. Plus they said all the salt could destroy a swimsuit.

So in the buff we go!

I got into the pool and played around with the weightlessness a bit – and took a few snaps for the blog, obviously. Risking my phone falling into the salt water and dying, but it survived. Woo.

The weightless feeling inside the pool is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

You float. And it feels awesome.

Even leaning back into the water, your face is completely + comfortably out of the pool My feet were out, my legs + knees were out, the entire front of my body was above, it was crazy. And when I closed my eyes my feet kept feeling like they were being pulled down to the floor of the pool, but they weren’t. Just my brain playing tricks on me.

Another benefit of floating – there are no pressure points on your body in this state – which can provide 100% pain relief if you have any issues. Also the spine elongates + straightens and the body undergoes the same regeneration process that happens during sleep!

Tip 5 – Let go.

At this center when you get in the float, you have the option to 100% turn off the lights and/or the light music that is playing. This would be the sensory deprivation part of the float – where you are weightless in total darkness, floating in the water.

It’s as crazy as it sounds and something everyone should try – especially if you are working through an injury or a health issue! I listened to the music, did some calming breaths and counted in my mind. I could easily see myself falling asleep.

I spent most of my time floating with my eyes closed or watching the crazy light installation on the ceiling. It was 60 minutes of NOTHING and it was all sorts of amazing.

When your 60 minutes in the Float Pool is over, the music changes into a calming gong and you know it’s time to shower off all that salt. That shower felt amazing because my skin felt so silky and smooth!

I changed and met my mom in the post float area for a tea. We both had great experiences and 100% would do it again. The art of doing nothing + letting go is something I could use continued practice in, so I hope there are some more floats in my future!

Now I’d love to hear from you – Have you been Floating before? Is it on your wish list of something fun to do? What do you think about Float Therapy?

Let me know your thoughts! I had a great float! Thanks so much to my friends at Float SNJ for having us!

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  • Reply Christina McLean January 25, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    I call myself a float tourist because I’ve floated in Amsterdam, Nevada, South Carolina, two locations in Philly, and marlton. Tom’s float in marlton is my favorite because it’s custom built with thoughtful details galore! Another tip is to sauna before floating. My new favorite combo!

  • Reply Patty January 25, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    I had an awesome first experience, thanks dear, and would definitely do it again Wouldn’t it be great to have a Float Tub in your house to use every day!

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