How To / DIY FLISAT IKEA {Doll} House with Painted Peg People

The boys and I have been working on a little project at home that I’m so excited to finally share with you!

Brooks used some money he got for his Birthday and requested a trip to IKEA! I was more than on board for this little excursion. I think he really just wanted to go for a visit to Småland and get a $1 ice cream cone {because those two things really make for a great day in and of themselves!}

So we made the trek there and both boys enjoyed their time in the play area while I took a lap around the store solo- basically the best day ever. After our ice cream treat, we took a visit to the Kids Section – which is always so much fun and full of great ideas.

Brooks stumbled upon the FLISAT doll house and said – “Mom, can we build this together?”

Oh, sweet boy – you BET we can!

He decided he wanted to get it with some of his birthday money and I was more than happy to oblige. We spent the rest of the afternoon planning out what colors we would paint it and what the different rooms would be. It was instantly fun for all of us! Brooks wanted to make rooms for his different robots to live in and he decided he wanted to “paint the house blue, like Sonic” with a gray roof “because gray is mommy’s favorite color”


So that’s how our color palate on the house came to be. We ended up on a lighter blue because we were able to use paint we already had in the house – the Gray is Silver Screen by Valspar – which is the colors of the boys room in our house and the Blue is a greenish/blue – Homestead Green by Benjamin Moore – which is the color of our basement. I love that whenever we move, we can now take these colors of our first home as a family with us!

Ok, but let’s get back to the actual building of the house. I have to say, it wasn’t easy.

In true IKEA form – the directions were lacking. And for it only having 8 or so pieces, it – in theory – should have been easy. Not the case. But there were some helpful directions on YouTube that I was able to follow and eventually the boys and I got it together.

We figured out our plan with the paint and we were ready to go!

Since we are in the process of getting our home freshened up to be listed – I have a newfound love for spackling – so I spackled up some of the nail holes before we got started. We taped off the areas where we wanted to separate the paint colors – and because it would be easier for the boys, incase it got messy.

Time to paint!

We painted the roof first and then worked our way down.

The first coat was a little light so we let it dry and then did a second coat all around.

The house ended up sitting a few days between paint layers because the boys were enjoying playing with it.

Since he made the connection between the paint in their room and basement being the same as the house he was making, he requested the floor match our living room – so then it was time to stain the wood.

We did a few layers of this to try to darken it up, but the IKEA wood didn’t really hold up to the stain since we didn’t sand it before. So eventually we ended up getting a separate brown acrylic paint, which did stick!

Then as a little bonus surprise for the kiddos, I decided to make them some Peg People, to go along with their new wooden house. This was surprisingly fun + satisfying for me! I ordered this variety pack of Peg People, 40% right now, great deal! They are well made and lovely.

I liked the variety of the shapes and sizes. I taped off the top of the wooden figures, so to have a straight line from where the paint would stop. I’ve seen tons of beautiful Peg People on IG so I had some great inspiration.

There are lots of things you can use the Peg People for – Numbers, Letters, Months, Days of the Week, Holidays, Seasons – I’ve seen a little of everything. I just went with a colorful rainbow this time, but I can see myself adding to our collection in the future!

So easy, quick and fun to make – and {I think} they turned out beautiful!

I gave each little person two coats of acrylic paint and then covered them in Mod Podge to seal the color – they have a perfect glossy finish, and I know this sealant will keep them looking fresh and new.

Brooks had requested when the house was finished it have a “Open for Business” sign with it. So obviously I had to make that happen. I surprised them with it all set up on the kitchen table and ready to go one morning.

They were surprised, instantly loved it and went right into PLAY!

It turned out perfectly and the boys love playing with the house and the new Peg People every day. It’s a beautiful toy that I don’t mind having out and about – the calming colors were a great choice.

Brooks + Graham loving putting the “families” together by color and by sizes. It’s really sweet to see how they play with it. As a #boymom I’m proud to say that doll houses aren’t just for girls, and I am even more excited to say that something like this easily calms them down and brings them into a more relaxed playtime, which I very much enjoy!

For around $40 this was something so special that the boys and I were able to create together. It took days of painting and prepping and was a great little project during these cold winter months. Its fun to watch them play with it with other toys as well – and we are talking about adding a thing or two along the way, possibly another floor – ha!

I’d love to know if you’ve made or plan to make anything like this with your kiddos? Anything fun in the works?! Please share!

And thanks for following along our little DIY house project! I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as we did making it!

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