Last Minute Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts for Kids- Invitations to Play, Good Morning Games and #BreakfastInvitations

The Valentine’s Inspired Arts & Crafts are currently going strong in our house, so I thought it would be fun to put together a little post, compiling everything we’ve been working on to share on the blog!

Most mornings I’ve been putting together “Breakfast Invitations” or “Good Morning Games” – basically an invitation to play first thing in the morning, thats not the television, to buy me a little time to get things organized and maybe enjoy my morning coffee in peace #dreams

I was inspired to create some of these by a few IG accounts I’ve been loving lately. And each night I’ve been sharing what’s the plan for the next morning in my Instagram Stories – so follow along if you want to see or what any inspiration for your own morning activities @herlittledogtoo – I’d love to see anything you are working on yourself!!

First up are these super fun Heart Trees.

Super simple – I cut out some hearts, did a makeshift tree, put some glue sticks on the table and it was all set. And the kids LOVED doing some glue sticking first thing in the morning. This was a big win – and you can cater it to any season or holiday!

Totally fridge worthy! I love it!

Next up I wanted the boys to work on matching their upper and lower case letters – a mini puzzle of sorts. So another day I created a little broken heart game for them.

Just cut out 26 hearts, write the upper + lower case letters, slice down the middle and you are done.

My 5 year old knows his letters and can read, but my 3 year old is obviously still working on it. This was something they were able to do together, which was great! And a few letters look similar ” I and H” “X and T” depending on if they are upper or lower case, so this was fun to watch them work out.

Another activity we did was organizing biggest to smallest. I color coded for fun, but anything really goes. First they matched up the hearts without the glue, to make the activity last a little longer.

Once they get it all organized add in a glue stick and let the kiddos go to town. Next time I do this I might add in the names of the colors or numbers to organize. Came out cute and it turned into a sweet little valentine!

So then I had all these leftover papers with hearts cut out and I felt bad tossing them! They were too pretty! So I put a white piece of paper under each of them, glued it down and created a little heart coloring activity for another morning!

Both boys came downstairs and immediately wined about the coloring being too boring for them to do – but then they sat quietly for 25 minutes coloring the hearts! I win! Super easy and cute!

Another fun one – since my kiddos love to paint – was sponge hearts! I got an old sponge, cut it in the shape of a heart, put out some paint and let them go to worn.

Simple, quick to throw together and it turned out really cute.

This one wasn’t a breakfast invitation, but it’s worth putting in this post because it was a V-Day arts and craft activity we did this month – if you are super crafty, maybe this is something you can put together on your own! If so – go you!!

This was from this month’s Home Depot Kids Workshop – if you aren’t going to these every month, you are missing out! The boys made wooden candy heart boxes.

They came out super sweet and I love them.

And another FREE kids activity I recently stumbled upon – Did you know Lakeshore Learning has in store arts and crafts EVERY Saturday from 11-3. Just roll up, go in, do the craft and enjoy!

It’s every Saturday and it’s a great way to pop in and do something different and fun – and its completely free! This was our second time going and it was super cool – the boys made Valentine Mobiles.

I also follow Lakeshore Learning on IG and this week they posted some fun printable for Valentine’s Day color patterning – which was super easy to use for a good morning game! We used our favorite V-Day candy and it was a hit!

Here’s the printable if you want something quick and easy to do this week!

And last but not least, if you aren’t crafty or don’t have supplies – AC Moore or Michaels are always great for some easy activity sheets – like these! My mom picked these up for the boys – 30 sheets for $1. Win.

They can color, connect the dots, word search. Easy peasy!

So that’s what we’ve been working on this week. If you’ve been doing any fun Valentine’s Day inspired arts & crafts – I’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments, send me a message or tag me on social media! Thanks for following along + have a great day!!

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