Sharing our Homemade + Store Bought Valentine’s Along with Our Valentine’s Day Basket Tradition

Hello + Happy Love Day!

Today I wanted to share a look inside our Valentine’s Day – what the boys made for their friends at school, grandparents, me {see below – swoon!} and a look at their Valentine’s Baskets I put together for them. I shared them last night on Insta Stories and I had such a nice response, I wanted to put them up on the blog for anyone to check out, whenever!

But first, the Valentine love for mama. Sweet homemade cards my boys made at school are the best. These were totally fridge-worthy!

The made some homemade gifts for the grandparents, more on that a few photos down – but I wanted to share what they picked out for their school valentines.

How sweet are these little sets?! I got them in the Target Dollar Spot – each was $3 – so $6 total for both, which I thought was a great deal. Graham picked out the finger skateboards and Brooks wanted to give out the bouncy balls!

We organized them together and each of them picked out who in their class would get what color.

I thought they were super fun and totally different. The only downside was that the packing for the actual cards was so small, there wasn’t much room for the boys to write their friends names, so I helped with that.

But other than that I really liked them, and think the other kids did too! If you see these at Target next year, make sure to scoop them up early!

Next up – the gifts for the grandparents. For this the boys put together one of their valentines arts + crafts and Brooks wrote out a card they both decorated. Easy peasy.

But my favorite part that I wanted to share was the XOXO picture.

Seriously, how cute is this frame?

Under $4 and really perfect for any occasion from the kiddos! The boys painted it and then we put in a photo of each of them and I think it turned out really nice. I sort of wish I got one for myself!

Next up, Valentine’s Day Baskets!

Do you do gifts or treats or something else for Valentine’s Day with the kiddos? I got all sorts of responses from everyone on my Insta Stories! There’s so many ways to make Valentine’s Day special for the kids. My mom always put together something like this for my brother and I when we were little, so its important for me to continue the tradition.

Basically everything is from the Target Dollar Spot {which is apparently where I live} I spent under $20 for each of the boys and the basket turned out really nice – the basket itself is also from the Dollar Spot and I plan to use it to store towels in the bathroom afterwards! Ha!

A few of their favorite treats and then all of these items are fun little activities they can do anytime. We are still in the TV/Screen Time Detox – and all of these are great things to do and play with for my boys!

I also had to get a few books for them, Brooks loves to read and I love that he loves to do so – got to keep encouraging that! Here’s what we got:

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed / Even More Parts / Get the Giggles

So that’s how we celebrated our Valentine’s Day! Oh, and I snuck away during preschool hours for a fun + festive little brunch with a friend. Mimosas + Huevos Rancheros. Basically winning at Valentine’s Day!

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening with the family + my Valentine of 14 years! I hope you had a great day and I’d love to know how you celebrated and made it a special day! Please share!!

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