How To Make: Rainbow Rice And Our Favorite Sensory + Learning Toys to Play with It!

Something I’ve been seeing Rainbow Rice all over the Instagram world for the kiddos, I decided to do a little research and create some for my boys!

Turns out its pretty much the easiest thing ever to make – so I thought I would put up a little post for anyone who is invested in trying it out and just needs a little visual motivation that it’s so quick and simple!

All you need is: 1) Rice 2) Food Coloring 3) Vinegar – easy as that!

I used 1/2 cup of rice for each color that I created. I put the rice in a gallon ziplock bag, added in a few drops of food coloring {I didn’t measure} and then a ‘glug’ of vinegar – not much, maybe a 1/4 cup. Seal up the ziplock bag and shake, Shake, SHAKE! Here you can add any additional food coloring or vinegar to get the right shade you want, but it’s just kids Rainbow Rice, so I didn’t fuss. But I was super happy with how my colors came out!

I put the colored rice on a piece of foil and let it dry for an hour or so. I did this for each of the colors I created – as you can see, I ended up making six!

Side Note: You can use any sort of pasta or grain or bean and color it! Options, folks!

So now the rice is made, after it dried I sectioned it out into this little container I picked up in the Target Dollar spot {love it there!} – Then I wanted to share with you what we have used to play with it once its out and about!

But first, how gorgeous are these colors?!

Insert heart eyes emoji here.

First up, something I gave the boys to use was the Peg People I made for them a few weeks ago – we color matched the families and it sort of worked out perfectly that we had all the same colors of the rice {not planned}

I love these Peg People. They make me happy.

Next up, the Story Stones.

I haven’t shared a post on the creation of these yet, it’s coming soon – but we loved to color match these with the rice and it was a fun conversation started with all the colors and fun images!

Plus Plus!

I wish I knew about these things sooner because they are SO MUCH FUN! We have loved creating things with them in the rice. They are great on their own and even better with pretty rice!

We have been getting A TON of use out of these counting and sorting color vehicles – with no end in sight. They come in a bunch of other options other than cars and trucks – there are dinosaurs, bears, pets – we just like the vehicles! I see us using these so much in the future for counting and math fun, but the boys loved them in the rice too!

I just picked up these silicone cups the other day – and wouldn’t you know it, they are so much fun in Rainbow Rice !

Add in some Color Changing spoons – which EVERY mama of kiddos needs to get, add to your Easter Basket or whatever – and we are good to go. Love these things!

For a little discovery + extra sensory play, we’ve had fun adding magnatiles and other magnets to the rice mix! Just another fun thing to explore!

Also – Alphabots! Which are a favorite of the boys! We love playing with these letter (and number!} toys because they are great for creating small words, equations and the boys enjoy turning them into the robots. These make an awesome gift for any kiddo!

And finally {for now!} Dinosaurs!

We got this dinosaur pack of 12 as a gift and its amazing! The boys love to play and pretend with these different Dinos – and this kit is extra cool because it came with a book that tells you all about the different ones. I personally really like the colors and cool detail. Either way, they are fun to play with in the rice!

This is just a taste of what we use to play with our new favorite rice – and of course I had to document it with our favorite toys BEFORE it got all mixed together and crazy. Now I’d love to hear from you – have you ever made Rainbow Rice or Rainbow pasta? What do you use to play with it?

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