Hiking with Kids this Summer: Skunk Hollow Park – Radnor Township

So we are definitely in the crazy phase of endless boxes BUT we managed to take some time this weekend to explore our new neighborhood and have some fun. Saturday we snuck out and took the boys to see Toy Story 4 – which was awesome. And today we decided to explore some of the local parks – specifically Skunk Hollow in Radnor Township.

Living in the city, we did love the occasional Wissahickon trail hike {or bike!} And it had been forever since we did a little hiking with the boys. I did a little research and stumbled upon Skunk Hollow – which is also part of The Willows trail – and maybe another one or two – it’s a massive park area with hiking along a great creek. I found out it can be a great little play area for kids, so I packed our bags and off we went.

I think the hike was about 2.5 miles or so – which can be a lot for a 3 and 5 year old, especially with some points straight up and down – but we took our time and enjoyed the walk. It took us about 2 hours round trip – with lots of stops for water play along the way.

If you have kiddos – I have to tell you that this little creek is a slice of heaven! It’s clear, flowing water that’s perfect for them to splash around in. We packed some boats along with us and B & G loved seeing them boat go through the rapids.

The hiking path follows the creek so we were able to stop and go many times along the way for the kiddos to play in the water. The trail was also nice and shady which was a great break from the sun.

We crossed a few bridges and really enjoyed following along the stream. I was blown away by how nice of a hike and how great of a path it was. Now anyone who comes to visit, I’m totally going to be taking them + their kiddos on this adventure!

Hiking necessities:

Teva Universal Slides / New Shades – G Star Raw GS661S

I am obsessed with my leather slides, they are so comfortable and amazing to just wash off any mud or muck. And my new sunglasses were so fun to bring along on this trip – so comfortable to wear and I love the look of them!

It was a beautiful day to be outside like this and it was the perfect break from unpacking and all the boxes. We are loving our new neighborhood and suburb life so much – I can’t wait to explore more in the coming weeks!

Now if you are a Philadelphia suburb reader – I’d love to know – What other hiking trails should we hit up? I’m making a list, so let me know!

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  • Reply Patty June 24, 2019 at 8:04 am

    Wow – who knew that beautiful hiking trail is right in our backyard. I’ve been living here 4 years and never heard of it! Kudos to you for finding it! P.S. I’m glad to see the boys are getting ready to hike in Lake George too!

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