My First Fashom Styling Service Experience

Shopping with the kiddos might be my least favorite thing ever. They don’t like being dragged around from store to store and it’s not an enjoyable experience taking a 5 and 3 year old into a fitting room.

The struggle is so real.

And when I do have help with the boys, being able to pick up a thing or two for myself isn’t always at the top of the list. So when I was given the opportunity to try out a new styling service, I was pretty pumped.

FASHOM is the newest styling service I was able to give a try. I’ve tried a few over the years, if you’ve been a long time blog reader, you will know that I love when beautiful boxes of pretty little things show up at my door.

Seriously, who doesn’t!

I’m excited to share with you how it all worked for me with this beautiful little box because it was unique from the others out there.

This is how FASHOM different from others:

  1. YOU pick what ships to you! After your stylist has put together your outfits, you can preview & select which items they send to you (free shipping & returns). 
  2. The average price of inventory is ~$35 & you get 25% off if you keep 3 or more pieces. 
  3. There is no subscription fee & your first two styling sessions are free! After that, the styling fee is only $15, which is applied as a credit if you keep something from your order.

I loved being able to play a part in selecting what was being sent to me. I was able to be a little more hands on in what was coming my way to try – which I really enjoyed because I can be very picky and at the same time I am trying to be more intentional about what’s going in my closet.

Here’s what I got:

First up might be my new favorite thing.

If you follow along on Instagram, you will have already seen it’s debut because I love it so much I took it with me on vacation.

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Long Tent Maxi Dress – $38

This dress is a dream to style because it is so versatile in color and shape. And for me the most important thing was the fit – it’s so flattering and lovely. I really liked knotting the bottom of it as well for a fun look.

Knotting things are my favorite.

It’s so cute with a denim jacket, fun jewelry – I can’t wait to pair it with a cozy sweater in the fall. And the fact that it’s my favorite color makes it even more amazing.

For under $40 – it feels amazing and makes me feel great. I love it so much.

Next up – pants!

Mittoshop Linen Cargo Pocketed Joggers $45

These are a stretchy waistband – and when I did this try on session I was about 10 weeks pregnant, so the stretch really mattered to me.

These pants are so comfortable and I love the tighter at the ankle look. Another keeper and I can’t wait to wear them in the Fall!

To go along with the pants, is this top.

Naked Zebra Alix V-Neck Cami Top – $39

I told my stylist that I didn’t want anything crew neck and this yellow was something different for me. I love the fit and the great layering options for it. Plus the material was super nice so it’s a easy piece to dress up for a night out.

Another cute top – I love the color of this and the sweet button detail. Easy to pair and wear with just about anything.

Staccato: V-Neck Solid Cami Tank Top – $37

And my last top –

Mittoshop Pin Stripe V-Neck Twisted Back Woven Top – $32

This one looked really cool in the photo when I saw it online but in person it wasn’t my favorite. The back is so neat but it didn’t fit me quite right. I also didn’t love the pink and white stripes.

I was pretty impressed with my first FASHOM experience. It was great to be more involved in the styling and I was blown away by the quality of the pieces but even more so the prices – everything was under $40 for the most part, which was great.

Now I’d love to hear from you – have you heard of FASHOM before? What of the 5 pieces I got to try were your favorites? If you have any questions about the service, please let me know – I’d love to answer them for you.

Thanks so much to my new friends at FASHOM for everything – I can’t wait to try the styling service again soon!

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  • Reply Patty July 25, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    Loved your selection, but I agree with you the pink/white top was my least favorite! I am going to try this service as well!

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