DIY – Light Up Christmas Tree Sign

So I am so dang proud of how my DIY Christmas Tree Stand Box turned out {in my blog post and in real life} that I couldn’t wait to share with you how much second Holiday DIY project turned out as well!

This time, we crafted a light up tree sign that I love so much. Here’s a little look at the finished product:

Like I said before, I have been having so much fun getting my DIY on this holiday season. It makes everything so much more meaningful when you are the one doing the hammering, sanding, staining and painting before putting it up on display for the season.

Here’s a look at our instructions from this Home Depot workshop – not sponsored, I’m just obsessed. These are FREE workshops for adults, and they are awesome. Again, it’s something you can totally create yourself – you just need a 4 material pieces and some tools and you are good to go.

I chose to follow along with the Christmas Tree design as shown, because I have a serious love for Christmas trees this year {in all shapes and sizes} – but there were a few people in class that went a different route. We used a ruler to measure out the lines and then put dots for where we would drill in the holes evenly.

It turned out awesome! And who doesn’t love using a power drill?!

Then we had to measure out and hammer on the framed edges of the sign, to give it a more put together look. I kept mine a even square, but some people went longer up and down – anything goes!

Hammering in the edges, hard at work.

Then the project at Home Depot was finished. I chose to bring mine home to paint, stain and let dry. First up I stained the tree area. I taped off the framed sides, because I wanted to pain that separately.

Here’s a look after the first coat before wiping off the stain.

And after – I love how you can see the grain of the wood and some of the darker and lighter bits can be seen too. Its my favorite.

Next I chose to paint the trim white. I felt this would make the whole thing pop a bit more, especially once lit up with the lights.

And here’s how it turned out!

Once it was painted, stained and dried it was time to add the holiday lights to the drilled holes. This worked out perfectly because with this design we used all 50 lights in a package, so we didn’t have too much excess cord where we plugged into the wall, which was nice.

For the lights, if you like you can hot glue them to the back so they don’t move. This isn’t something I needed to do yet, but I might after a year of storage.

And here’s a better view of the sign lit up!

I’m seriously so proud of this and would love to make a second one – maybe another tree – one on each side of the fireplace? Could be cute!

But if you’ve been getting your DIY on this holiday season, I’d love to hear about it! Let me know what you’ve been crafting or if you have any fun plans to DIY in 2020!

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  • Reply Patty December 19, 2019 at 6:37 am

    Turned out great, great job!

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